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Apothecary 21 offers a variety of workshops and talks in the nutrition and wellbeing area, available for you to book for yourself or as a group.

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Whether you are interested in learning new skills or want to support the wellbeing of your staff, we will make sure that our workshops are tailored to your needs.

If there’s nothing on the list that takes your fancy or there’s a particular area you’re interested in, get in touch and we will customise workshops or cookery classes to meet your requirements.

To book or enquire about a workshop, please contact us stating the size of the group and the required location
via the contact form below or at

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Basics of
Intuitive Eating

2h workshop

Have you tried different types of diets? Do you feel like going out for a meal is stressful? Do you think some foods are good and some are bad?


Are you experiencing guilt after eating a certain food?

Then this interactive workshop is your ticket out of the diet culture.


We will cover the basic principles of Intuitive Eating and Mindfulness helping you to tune into your body and be able to listen to its needs so you will discover a new way of how to enjoy food and maintain a healthy weight naturally.

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Seasonal Cooking:

2.5h cookery class

Using the principles of seasonality, we will discover how to use currently available ingredients and learn their health benefits to support our health and immune system in the season
of cold.

 We will teach you how to cook a whole menu (starter/main/side/dessert) tailored to your nutritional needs, as well as different principles in the kitchen that will support your wellbeing throughout the whole year.


We will also learn about
anti-inflammatory ingredients and ingredients providing a wide spectrum of nutrients playing a role in supporting your immune system.

 You will leave this cookery class inspired, well-fed, and with recipes and a completion certificate.

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Cold & Flu


2h workshop
2.5h cookery class

In the workshop version, you will learn the 101 of foods which support the function of the immune system, which often gets a big hit during the wintertime.


You will learn what foods and ingredients can help prevent you catching a horrible flu, but also how to support your body if you get one and how to deal with the aftermath.


You will also learn about both single ingredients and easy everyday recipes and leave with a small guide on how to stay fit during wintertime.


In the cookery class, you will also get to make three cold and flu prevention staple recipes and receive a completion certificate.

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Healthy Food

2h workshop

"Don’t go food shopping hungry" is just the tip of the iceberg.


This workshop will teach you practical skills when it comes to doing your food shop and staying healthy.


You will learn how to organise your shopping and making a strategic nutrition led shopping list, how to read food labels, and recognising fads and marketing strategies that are not worth your coin.


You will leave this workshop empowered to make a food shop that will cover all the nutrition basics to support your health and provide balanced dietary options and not costing an arm and leg.