Personalised Nutrition

Using personalised holistic approach, we look into all aspects of your life affecting your health and wellbeing, and together come up with a strategy that works for you.

Using cutting-edge science and evidence-based approaches including Behavioural Change, Intuitive Eating and CBT principles, and evidence-based Herbalism, we'll help you to restore your health and relationship with food.

No more low calorie shakes replacing real food or mysterious supplements.
With everything we do there's science in the heart of it.

Market Deeping Clinic

For in-person consultations, we have a brand new therapy room available for our clients.


Our clinic is a space specially designed to help you relax and support you through your journey to a healthier, happier you and give you a break from a day-to-day life.

Besides our personalised consultations, you can enjoy more hands-on activities as well as mindful meditations, and a complimentary hot beverage blended to support your needs.

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and Talks

Apothecary 21 offers a variety of events including workshops and talks for both public and private clients, bringing the audience a unique tailored experience.

Our workshops bring you real hands-on experience. Whether it is one of our seasonal cookery classes, where you combine learning the science of nutrition whilst indulging your taste buds, or one of our herbalism workshops, where you find out how to use herbs to benefit your health, we know the way to fill your head as well as your stomach.


Our talks are here for those who don't just want to listen but understand and get to know the topic well. We are passionate about sharing knowledge and making scientific information accessible even to non-specialists and applying evidence-based knowledge in real life.

Corporate Wellbeing
and Private Events

We spend roughly a third of our day at work. A healthy work environment can have such a positive impact on both employee wellbeing and productivity - so why not support your employees with one of our workplace-tailored programmes?