Personalised Nutrition

Personalised approach

There is no one size fits all so all consultations are tailored to you and your health and wellbeing goals.
We also use a holistic approach to look at people as mind and body, combined.

Nutrition advice

We will explain how food and eating works and translate the science of nutrition to understandable knowledge to support your goals.


No more low-calorie shakes replacing real food or mysterious supplements.
With everything we do, there's science in the heart of it.

Personalised Activity

We will help you to tailor your daily activity to your goals and preferences. Whether you're a gym-goer or not, we will help you to find something you enjoy.

Weight Inclusive

We all come in different shapes or sizes, and we all have different priorities.
We offer consultations focusing on your health rather than the size of your jeans.

Sustainable Change

No more quick fixes and
and yo-yo effects.
We will teach you to build habits for life, so you don't have to diet or restrict yourself anymore.

Using evidence-based nutrition to restore the balance of your physical and mental health, we will work together to find new sustainable strategies to reach your happier, healthier self. 

Personalised one to one consultations either in the safe space of our therapy room based at
Market Deeping 
or at the comfort of your home via video conferencing. 


Here's a list of conditions we can help you with:

Coeliac disease and gluten sensitivity
Diabetes prevention and support
Diet change (e.g. becoming vegan)
Disordered eating
Eating disorders prevention and recovery
Food allergies and intolerances
Female health and hormonal imbalances

General health and wellbeing
Gut dysbiosis and Digestive health
Immune system support
Pregnancy and pre-conception support
Skin and hair conditions
Sleep and energy levels improvement
Stress and mood support
Weight management

If you don’t see the condition that is making your life difficult or are unsure, please book a free Pre-Consultation call so we can discuss whether we can be of any help
or point you to the right specialist.