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Discovery call

15 min · FREE

This is where we discuss the suitability of the services that you would benefit the most of.

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45 min · £55

This is where we make sure you stay on track to reach your goals and reflect on the development of your progress and make adjustments, so the strategy works for you.


Follow-up consultations can be booked after your initial consultation and as often as you feel you benefit from them.

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Initial consultation

90 min · £75

This is where we go through the details. We’ll discuss your health, present and past, as well as do some measurements if necessary.


We will identify your future goals and new strategies how to reach them.
You will leave this session motivated, energised and ready for your new journey.

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Nutrient analysis


Scientific analysis of your dietary habits and nutrient levels via meal diary analysis.

Whether you want to improve your fitness goals, are struggling to gain or reduce body weight, have recently gone plant-based or even want to find out what nutrient you may have been lacking in your diet, this analysis will give you the details.


You will receive a full copy of your analysis including an explanation of the figures, main areas to focus on and recommendations on how to improve them.

Three or Five
Follow-up Bundle

worth £165


worth £275

3x or 5x 45min Follow-up
Weekly Check-ins
Additional support

Great for those who want to dedicate to their journey and make sure they will stick to their resolutions, as well as sustain their newly gained health and wellbeing habits.


This bundle also includes some extra motivation and support in case you need them.

Starting Fresh

worth £185


1x Pre-consultation call
1x 90min Initial consultation
2x 45min Follow-up
Weekly Check-ins
Additional support


Ideal for those who want a fresh start. Initial consultation with two follow-ups give you the perfect opportunity to start your wellbeing plan and embrace it as you go.


This plan is intended to use within a month or two so we’ll make sure you’re on track or make additional improvements and also includes additional support during lasting of the bundle.

or buy as
a bundle


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