education & qualifications

  • Registered with the AfN (ANutr)

  • First Class BSc (Hons) Human Nutrition, University of Worcester

  • Level 3 Master Herbalist Diploma

  • Applying Intuitive Eating and Non-diet approaches in Practice, LCIE

  • Medical High School Ruska, Prague

Denisa Dufkova ANutr BSc (Hons)

Nutritionist and Herbalist

My name is Denisa and I don't think that life can get much better than food. 

Which is why I involve it in many parts of my life, from working with people to improve their health and their relationships with food, to creating nutrition-related content and developing new recipes.

I am registered with the Association for Nutrition, this means I have met and continue to meet a specific high standard of professional knowledge and practice. It’s important to make sure any nutritional expert you see is registered with the AfN, this means no snake oil or magic pills, no diag-nonsense, and everything I advise is backed up with scientific evidence.

As someone with a scientific background, I am passionate about bringing the latest
evidence-based research into my practice whilst bringing back time-proven traditional remedies from which any busy 21st century human can benefit.

Apothecary 21

During my time at university where I learned the science of human physiology and metabolism, I also rediscovered how some of the principles of traditional nutritional wisdom could benefit the current
fast-paced and stressful life of the 21st century human being.

To bring together this ancient wisdom, alongside the latest scientific research to support our health and wellbeing, I created Apothecary 21 – a wellbeing platform, a place to draw inspiration and learn about
evidence-based nutrition.

Food and Herbs
as Medicine

I use food and herbs as a gentle prevention and support to health conditions which are
making our lives more difficult.


   I believe there is a balance  between
     using food functionally and enjoying
yourself without going to an
extreme, one way or another.

       I am here to find your
        sweet spot between
              restriction and
                for life.

My Work

I work with a range of clients to empower them to reach their health and wellbeing goals. I work towards supporting people's general health as well as managing any specific health conditions, taking advantage of evidence-based nutrition.


I believe in personalised nutrition, because there is no
one-size-fits-all when it comes to meeting our nutritional needs, so whether you’re a fitness goal-getter or hiding chocolates under your pillow, I will tailor my services to you and no one else.


Intuitive Nutrition

I use principles of Intuitive Eating in my practice to bring back healthy relationships with food and get rid of restrictive habits such as dieting, binge eating, post-food guilt and anxiety around food in general.


Intuitive Eating helps my clients to form healthy sustainable habits and tuning into their body in order to nourish themselves, whilst enjoying the food they eat. This approach also helps to build confidence and improves body positivity, maintaining a healthy weight whilst still being able to enjoy food without guilt.

Weight Inclusive

I am a weight inclusive practitioner, meaning whatever size you are, I will adapt my consultations to fit your lifestyle and your personal goals without any judgement.